Couples Therapy

Build Healthy and

Supportive Relationships

Couples therapy offers positive interventions that help you build a stable and supportive relationship with your partner. I maintain a non-judgmental space where you can express your feelings to one another and ensure that discussions do not escalate into arguments so that you can properly communicate your thoughts.

Over time, couples therapy can help you develop your communication and problem-solving skills, build trust, and nurture caring attitudes and behaviors towards each other. It helps lay the foundations for a long-lasting, healthy, and balanced relationship. Learn more about:

Improve Emotional Attachment

Emotionally Focused Therapy is a model of treatment proven effective to help couples find greater safety and security with one another. It is based on the scientific study of adult love and bonding processes in couples and designed to address distress in intimate relationships.

EFT is also useful to help family members connect and improve emotional attachment as well as individuals who want to improve their relationships and personal flourishing.


90% of couples who seek therapy to improve their relationship find EFT highly effective. They report a significant improvement in understanding their own emotional responses and those of significant people in their lives. EFT helps couples build stronger attachment bonds. The result is that they feel safe and secure together. They feel important to their partner lending to greater flexibility in problem solving and more meaningful communication.

Improve your relationship connection
Resolve conflicts
Repair hurts and rebuild trust
Increase intimacy and affection
Create a feeling of emotional safety, love, and openness.

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