"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending"

-C.S. Lewis

 Let the story begin...



Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can be helpful if you are experiencing a variety of challenges and help you gain unprecedented insight into your life and a deeper understanding of your core self.


Couples Therapy

Couples therapy offers positive interventions that help you build a stable and supportive relationship with your partner in a non-judgmental space.


Professional Therapists

Supervision and consultation for Clinical Social Work licensure and therapist training sessions for professional growth. If you are interested in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) or are working towards ICEEFT Certification, I would be honored to support you.


My first and primary task is always to create a strong, collaborative alliance with you towards your goals in therapy and in life. From there we work together in ways that are centered on your preferences, strengths, and natural striving to grow and heal, always with a focus on your development and flourishing in your life. Working together, we can make sense of inner experiences in response to present day and past events, and important relationships past and present.  The therapy process is about identifying patterns that started as adaptations, but are now accidentally creating more distress and disconnection from others. When we get in touch with these painful emotional experiences, the authentic you becomes unblocked and a spacious freedom is often the result. Through these new experiences, you will learn to use your emotions and their adaptive striving to work toward relationships and living in ways that bring you and those around you joy and goodness.

I bring compassion, curiosity, and warm authenticity to the work of therapy, which helps my clients establish trust and safety, get in touch with all parts of themselves, and learn how to get needs met in a healthy manner. I know that our lives and our relationships can make sense, and they can come back from dark and desperate places when we are given support, validation, and acceptance. Remarkable healing and growth can naturally occur when we feel safe, secure, valued and understood.    


Relationship Issues

Trauma (both developmental and situational)


Marital/Couple Distress

Low self-esteem/Feelings of inadequacy






Employer/Employee Conflicts

Money Troubles

Sexual Issues

Physical Illness


Thank you for visiting my website. You have taken a courageous and often difficult first step.

Sometimes life is hard and confusing. Despite feeling alone and scared, our fear of judgment and shame can prevent us from sharing our story and asking for help. With humility, compassion, and curiosity, therapy can often be the bridge from pain to resilience. Therapy can also help us understand our story from a different perspective, helping us find purpose in our sufferings and sorrows. When the hurting parts of oneself makes sense, life becomes more vibrant, colorful and meaningful.

Choosing the right therapist is an important decision. Safety, trust and honesty are crucial to a rewarding and transformative experience. I would consider it an honor and privilege to be invited into your life and story. By applying complementary therapy approaches that recognize your unique gifts and qualities, I am hopeful that together we will bring understanding to your struggles and work toward greater peace, freedom and vitality.

Payment Sources: Credit and Debit cards accepted.  You have the right to a Good Faith Estimate for services. Please feel free to contact me or use the site below for more information.  


Visit CMS.gov/nosurprises, or call 1-800-985-3059 for more information. 

Patient Rights & Confidentiality: All information submitted on this website is private and confidential.  Your treatment experience is strictly private and confidential, protected by federal and state law.  However, state law and professional ethics require therapists to maintain confidentiality except for the following situations: (a) Suspected past or present abuse or neglect of children, adults, and elders to the authorities, including child protection services and law enforcement, based on information provided by the client or collateral sources; and/or (b) If the therapist has reason to suspect the client is seriously in danger of harming him/herself or has threated to harm another person.

Services will not be denied due to race, color, gender, national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or housing status.


Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is intended as a guide and is not a substitute for emergency, clinical, or professional care; nor indicate an exclusive course of treatment, serve as a standard of medical care, or patient-provider relationship. 

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, mental health, or behavioral crisis, please call 911. If you are experiencing thoughts of self-harm or suicide, please call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255