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Approach to Therapy

My understanding of the human condition has been greatly influenced by Person-Centered Therapy, Family Systems Theory and Attachment Theory with a significant emphasis on trauma informed care. This means it is likely I will have you consider your relationships, social environment and their influence on you. As I gain understanding of you as an individual, I modify the therapy approach to meet your unique needs. 

I am:

Relational - working with the real relationship between therapist and client in a nurturing way. 

Experiential - privileging moment-by-moment emotional experiences in session. 

Emotionally-focused - making sense of cues, feelings, physiological response, thoughts, and action tendencies.

Systemic - we are people in social environments and that environment impacts our well-being and our behavior. 

Attachment-based - understanding the importance of secure relationships.

Self determination - you are the expert in being you and your autonomy, dignity and agency is of great importance to me.

Healing-oriented - even some of our most confounding behaviors can be understood, organized and healed.

Dialogically-informed - provide the space to "figure it out" together. I want to have meaningful conversations, encourage feedback and pivot as needed.

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