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Created for Connection 

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“I feel more loved and loving after this weekend.”

“Do IT! Emotional connection is where it’s at!”

“We had one goal in our marriage….survive. We came away with actual skills; a first for us. I feel like there is hope!” 

"This is the start of a new version of us.”

“Paul and Jennifer created a warm, authentic environment. Their vulnerability made all the difference in helping my husband and I work with the materials”

“This workshop opened my eyes. I see my wife in a way I never have before. For the first time in a long time I feel like we have a chance. Thank you!” 

Created for Connection is the couple’s workshop drawn from the principles of Emotionally Focused Therapy . The workshop is designed around seven conversations that are shown to be essential to a fulfilling, thriving and lasting relationship.

Through presentations, videos, demonstrations, conversations and other exercises you will learn the tools to:

  • Recognize the Underlying Reasons for Your Conflicts
  • Explore Your Feelings and Needs Underneath Your Behaviors
  • Improve Your Communication
  • Affirm Strengths in Your Relationship
  • Understand More Clearly Each Other’s Emotions
  • Learn How to Repair and Forgive
  • Deepen Emotional and Physical Intimacy
  • Learn How to Manage Your Feelings Together
  • Reach Toward Each Other
  • Be Responsive in Loving and Positive Ways
  • Move from Isolation and Frustration to Security, Emotional Safety and Lasting Relationship Satisfaction

Created for Connection workshops have limited space in order for you to have a personal, hands on experience with highly trained Emotionally Focused Therapy facilitators and assistants. The weekend will consist of presentations to the group, alternated with private time for you and your spouse to work with the material. During this private time, trained therapists will be available to support your work together.

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Cost of Workshop
$350 per Couple

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